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The Shuttle will Finally Launch... Hopefully

1 Feb 2008, 00:56 UTC
The Shuttle will Finally Launch... Hopefully
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NASA has finally given the green light for Atlantis to launch. The shuttle launch that has been rescheduled multiple times will take place on Feb. 7, at 2:45 pm Eastern Time. There is a slight bit of worry that a kinked radiator hose may disrupt the launch, though for now the launch will not be scrubbed due to this one small problem.The previous scrubbed launches were due to glitches in the fuel sensors that tracked the amount of super-cold liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellant in the shuttle's tanks. The purpose of this mission is to deliver the European Space Agency's Columbus lab to the ISS and swap out one member of the outpost's Expedition 16 crew. And with flight engineer Dan Tani's seven-hour spacewalk earlier Wednesday to replace a broken solar array motor, the ISS will be ready recieve this shuttle mission and hopefully up to four more this year.The Fool

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