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View Saturn in 3D from Cassini Probe

3 Feb 2008, 22:00 UTC
View Saturn in 3D from Cassini Probe
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NASA is now offering Saturn tours in 3D straight from the Cassini spacecraft. Once downloaded it is really a pretty neat, almost game-like experience. With this 3D interactive viewer you can explore the probe yourself, seeing what Cassini sees, imaging Saturn and her moons, accurately calculating where the probe's location. Your can also fast forward through time and see what the probe will be doing next.Here is the link if you want to try the viewer out for yourself.The Cassini mission, which was launched in 1997, comprised of the NASA Cassini orbiter and ESA Huygens probe. After a long seven year journey, the pair arrived in Saturn orbit on July 1st, 2004 and on December 25th, 2004 the pair separated to send Huygens to Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Huygens then made an exciting decent through Titan's atmosphere and relayed vital information about the mysterious planet to the Cassini orbiter. The Cassini probe is still orbiting around Saturn and sending back images and information.Image source: NASA/JPLSource: spaceref.comThe Fool

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