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The Carnival of Space #41

17 Feb 2008, 03:13 UTC
The Carnival of Space #41
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Hello and welcome to the 41st Carnival of Space, right here on New Frontiers. For those who don't know, the Carnival of Space is a weekly compilation of space/astronomy news from the blogosphere hosted by different bloggers every week. Also for those of you unfamiliar with New Frontiers, I, The Fool, am currently the sole writer and I report nearly daily on the world of space exploration and astronomy. I am very interactive with my readers and am active in the space community (in the blogosphere and the real world.) So stop by again if you enjoy your visit! Well it’s been an extremely busy week and if I'm not wrong I believe this is the most stories in a Carnival of Space ever. Hurrah for space and astronomy bloggers! Now I'll go ahead and get to the news, so grab your ticket and enjoy the Carnival.Astronomer Will Gater discusses the possibility of a galaxy eating monster. The story is about a huge galaxy, which Will calls a "cosmic cannibal," that uses its intense gravity to consume other galaxies and cosmic matter. Good thing we don't have any of these monsters around us because I imagine that being crushed by ...

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