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A Day in Space

5 Mar 2008, 01:03 UTC
A Day in Space
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Well I found a good deal of interesting stories today so I thought that I would just give a brief summary of all of them with links to the main article.I found one article on UniverseToday.com that really intrigued me. The story is about the idea of a one man, no return mission to Mars. This one man mission would be much more technologically feasible than the normal mission because it wouldn't require a return rocket and they would need supplies for only one person. The man who came up with the idea, former NASA engineer Jim McLane, believes such an event would unify the world as never before. I don't think that finding volunteers for such a mission would be too hard, and the mission wouldn't be a suicide mission, the astronaut would have supplies sent to the Mars camp site in advance and more people could be sent every 26 months. Also a man and woman could be sent together as a futuristic Adam and Eve. I wish NASA or any space organization would at least consider this idea, I think that it would captivate the whole world and motivate a new generation of astro/cosmo/taikonauts.Virgin Galactic has leaked ...

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