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Carnival of Space #44

7 Mar 2008, 02:43 UTC
Carnival of Space #44
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Today Phil Plait from the Bad Astronomy blog cranked out the 44th Carnival of Space. So go ahead an check it out. I have here a few of my top picks from this week's Carnival:Next Big Future put out a story about the future of carbon nanotubes. Nanocomp Technologies of Concord has been making sheets of these nanotubes that will first be used as electrical conductors but in the future they could also be used for creating a solar sail which could travel quite fast (think 4% of the speed of light) by simply flying by the sun. Carbon nanotubes are extremely strong and are the materials that could be used in the construction of a space elevator.Another interesting article on Colony Worlds, where Darnell Clayton discusses radiation, its affects on humans, and planets that would be radiation safe for humans. And as Darnell explains, radiation doesn't lead to becoming the Hulk.And last on my list of this week's favorites is Ian O'Neill on AstroEngine.com discussing a future system for warning Mars or other plant colonists of life threatening solar flares. His warning system could possibly warn the future people of Mars in time for them to get into bunkers ...

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