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30 Sep 2011, 00:10 UTC
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A volunteer project to bring to life early manned space flight in a searchable, linkable format. In fifty years since mankind began to explore in person the universe outside our home planet, there have been many memorable moments, of beauty, of bravery, and occasionally of tragedy. For those who did not live through them it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the excitement of these early flights. Spacelog aims to bring those missions back to life: a website for exploring manned space missions through transcripts of conversations from during the flights between those in space and those back on the ground, and from photography taken at the time.
To date there have been over two hundred human spaceflight missions. Only a small number of these are currently available on Spacelog, although we’d be delighted for assistance in getting more up and alive. For NASA missions, the transcripts Spacelog works from were prepared in the 60s and 70s; from there, they’ve been scanned, converted to text, and then cleaned up by Spacelog volunteers. There are a whole bundle of different tasks that people can help out on, from the very small (such as noticing and pointing out a problem with a transcription ...

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