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UARS Probably Fell Into the Pacific Ocean

25 Sep 2011, 19:39 UTC
UARS Probably Fell Into the Pacific Ocean
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NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) ended up being somewhat of a waiting game for observers. The huge 6.5 ton satellite may have probably entered earth's atmosphere around 0416 GMT September 24th after 20 years and nine days after its launch for a 14 year mission. There were rumors that some of the satellite debris rained down over Canada, the local authorities there debunked that notion as a hoax. There were also several YouTube videos circulating of the satellite trails as it crashed to earth but they were soon noted to have been videos from other previous satellites debris trails from a different time. So far NASA has not received any credible reports of debris from the UARS, which makes the likelihood more credible that is crashed in the Pacific Ocean.There had been many amateur astronomers that were able to track the descending satellite before it entered the atmosphere. The picture above (credit: Adrian New) was captured by Adrien New of San Antonia, Texas who was lucky enough to catch UARS at 0120 GMT September 24th. Good catch!!You ca read and see more captures of UARS before it crashed at Space.com here: http://bit.ly/neuM85

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