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And the Temperature of Dark Matter is...?

22 Sep 2011, 20:27 UTC
And the Temperature of Dark Matter is...? ITP, University of Zurich
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"A fact never went into partnership with a miracle. Truth scorns the assistance of wonders. A fact will fit every other fact in the universe, and that is how you can tell whether it is or is not a fact. A lie will not fit anything except another lie." -Robert Green Ingersoll
One of the most amazing facts to comprehend about the Universe is that it actually is comprehensible! A few basic laws, properties and particles, given our current understanding, can take us from a hot, dense, nearly uniform Universe to the complexity of the billions of stars within the billions of galaxies we see today.

(Image credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss.)
One of the most surprising, but most robust, of results from our investigation of the Universe is the fact that dark matter -- some form of matter that does not interact with light, with atoms, or with itself except gravitationally -- not only exists, but makes up about five times as much of the Universe as atoms do!
There is a whole suite of evidence that points towards this conclusion, but the two best pieces of evidence are the fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background,

(Image credit: WMAP team / NASA.)

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