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Twisted Physics

Rare Isotope Rap

15 Jun 2009, 23:40 UTC
Rare Isotope Rap
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She's baaack! AlpineKat (a.k.a., Kate MacAlpine), that is, who gave us the Large Hadron Rap last year -- currently viewed by over 5 million people on YouTube, and still counting. This time, she busts a rhyme over the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), a new project of the DOE being bult at Michigan State University in East Lansing. MSU hosted an event this past week to celebrate the future of rare isotope research, and AlpineKat was on hand to debut her new rap in full HD version: three elevated screens 14 feet across, augmented by a cutting-edge sound system. This is the way physics rap was meant to be experienced, I'm sure, although YouTube is still the best way to reach a massive audience. Here's what MacAlpine had to say last year in Symmetry Magazine:I think rap is a good way to communicate. Rhyme has always helped embed words in my mind; hopefully science rap can help cement ideas in the minds of students and other interested people. “Nerdcore” has been on the Web for a while, fusing “nerdy” from the cultures of video games and hard science with the “hardcore” of rock and hip-hop.Check out the cameo appearance ...

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