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LROC: Atlas

27 Aug 2011, 07:37 UTC
LROC: Atlas
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The interior of a crater-floor fracture within landmark nearside crater Atlas. LROC Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) observation M157303976L, LRO orbit 8316, April 13, 2011; incidence angle 47°, resolution 0.5 meters per pixel. View the full size LROC Featured Image HERE [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Sarah Braden
LROC News System

Floor-fractured Atlas crater (46.7°N, 44.4°E) is 87 km in diameter. The cause of the fractures that cut the crater's floor is not well understood. It is thought that the fractures have wide, flat floors, like a trough (or graben) and that they record a period of uplift of the crater floor. The question is, what caused the uplift? Floor-fractured craters have been a known lunar feature since the days of the Lunar Orbiters, but with LROC images, geologists are working to better understand how they formed. LROC NAC frames allow for a look at the interiors of the fractures, and with stereo images we can measure their shapes.

A roughly 2 by 4 kilometer section of LROC NAC frame M157303976L, from which the field of view (red box) within the LROC Featured Image released August 26, 2011 can be found [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

And, in turn, the field of view within the ...

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