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Ares I-X Launch Photos

4 Nov 2009, 17:21 UTC
Ares I-X Launch Photos
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It’s been a week since the Ares I-X launch, so you are probably wondering where the pictures are. After the launch, I tried to clean up as best I could in the bathroom at the space center, and I headed straight to the airport to catch my plane back to DFW. Upon returning, I have been busy trying to play catchup. I needed to rescale the images so that they would not be too large. But finally, they are here! Click on the pictures for a larger view. Don’t rag on me that the pictures are not as good as the press photographers get. They’ve got more expensive camera equipment and a lot more experience than I do!

The first picture, above, is of the rocket sitting on the launch pad on Monday night. Below is a picture of me standing next to the countdown clock. (Hey, I had to get a tourist-type photo, OK?).

But, alas, the countdown only proceeded to T minus 4 minutes. It then held. On Tuesday, they said that they were just a bit behind on tasks. However, the weather played a factor, then a ship got in the way, and then more weather was ...

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