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Opportunity arrived at the rim of Endeavor Crater

14 Aug 2011, 23:17 UTC
Opportunity arrived at the rim of Endeavor Crater
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NASA's Mars Exploration rover Opportunity arrived at the Endeavor Crater on Mars earlier this month (August 9th, 2011). The little robot traveled what might seem miniscule lengths to us here on earth, although to Opportunity 13 miles (21 kilometers) took three years to traverse from the rim of Victoria crater in 2008!!Since arriving at the Endeavor crater rim, Opportunity began using its PanCam (the Panoramic camera on board) to record the images set into the mosiac seen above. This view shows the "Spirit Point" area of the rim, including a small crater "Odyssey" and the interior of Endeavor crater just beyond.Endeavor crater is approximately 14 miles (22 kilometers) in diameter and may expose Mar's geological records older that Opportunity has ever seen yet. The Mars Exploration Rover "Opportunity" was first launched July 7th, 2003. You GO Little Buddy!!Credit: NASA & JPL

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