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"X-Files" at the Google Lunar X PRIZE!

13 Aug 2011, 18:16 UTC
"X-Files" at the Google Lunar X PRIZE!
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I had thought about relating a story involving a telescope, a frosty night and a painful injury as my first blog post, but the commentary in the blogosphere this week has raised a few questions and this seems like a good place to address them, even though they may not be as funny as the aforementioned story. First up, I was thrilled to learn from one commentator that I am part of some deep dark conspiracy. Fabulous! I always wanted to wear a long raincoat and drink coffee in the back of dingy cafes. Or stated another way, does the fact that I know and have worked with people in the space community before, some of whom are at the X PRIZE Foundation and others who are involved in Google Lunar X PRIZE teams, mean that I can’t run this prize fairly? Not at all. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that someone coming in to run this competition would have zero existing connections. Indeed, I've used just one photo I have - from quite some years ago - showing that, yes, I know a few folks. (Google Lunar X PRIZE goodies to the first person to name a) ...

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