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Juno Mission Launch-Unlocking Jupiter's Secrets

6 Aug 2011, 14:13 UTC
Juno Mission Launch-Unlocking Jupiter's Secrets
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The Juno mission will* Determine how much H2O is in Jupiter's atmosphere which will help determine which planet formation theory is correct, or if new theories are required.*Look deep into Jupiter's atmosphere to measure composition, temperature,and cloud movements among other measurements.*Map Jupiter's magnetic and gravity fields revealing the planet's deeper structures.*Explore and study Jupiter's magnetoshpere near the planet's poles, especially the auroras providing new insights about how the planet's enormous magnetic force field affects its atmosphere.By studying the structure and evolution of Planet Jupiter will help scientists improve our understanding of our solar systems beginnings.Mission Timeline:* Launch - August 2011*Earth flyby gravity assist - October 2013*Jupiter arrival - July 2016*End of mission & deorbit - October 2017Credit: NASA Juno Mission

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