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Orion the Hunter: Ghost of the summer dawn

30 Jul 2011, 08:01 UTC
Orion the Hunter: Ghost of the summer dawn
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Orion the Hunter - 'ghost of the shimmering summer dawn' - returns to the eastern predawn sky each year in late summer.

If you’re up early, and have an unobstructed view to the east, be sure to look in that direction in the hour before dawn.
If you do, you’ll find a familiar figure, which is always in this part of the sky on late summer mornings. It’s the beautiful constellation Orion the Hunter – recently behind the sun as seen from our earthly vantage point – now ascending once more in the east before sunrise.
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The Hunter appears each winter as a mighty constellation arcing across the south during the evening hours.
But, at the crack of dawn in late summer, you can spot Orion in the east. Thus Orion has been called the ghost of the shimmering summer dawn. The Hunter rises on his side, with his three Belt stars – Mintaka, Alnitak and Alnilam – pointing straight up.
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