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The Great Dragon of the north, Draco

27 Jul 2011, 08:01 UTC
The Great Dragon of the north, Draco
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Here is Draco the Dragon. A Babylonian myth links Draco to the dragon god Tiamat, who was subdued by the god of the sun.

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Here is the constellation Draco the Dragon. Keep in mind that tonight’s chart covers a lot more sky than our charts usually do. This long and winding star figure can be found in the northern sky. Look for the Dragon’s tail to snake in between the Big and Little Dippers.
I always notice the two stars in the Dragon’s head when looking at the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra. If you’re familliar with the Summer Triangle, draw an imaginary line from the star Altair through the star Vega to find the Dragon’s eyes glaring at you from high overhead on July evenings and at nightfall in August. These two stars are Rastaban and Eltanin – lovely, romantic names for the Dragon’s stars!
Rastaban and Eltanin: Dragon’s Eyes
Draco is a circumpolar constellation as seen from northerly latitudes. In other words, it circles around and around the North Star, Polaris.
Another noteworthy star in Draco is Thuban, which is high in the sky ...

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