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Twisted Physics

No Fate But What We Make?

7 Jun 2009, 18:58 UTC
No Fate But What We Make?
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Terminator: Salvation, the fourth film in the hugely successful franchise, opened pretty strong a few weeks ago at the box office, but faced some criticism for abandoning the time travel underpinnings of its earlier installments, and focusing instead on a futuristic war with the machines. If you look at the progression of themes in the franchise, however, it's clear this was a natural choice for the filmmakers to follow.In the original, of course, Ah-nold is the bad guy, a robot killing machine machine who travels back in time to take out the mother of the future leader of the resistance -- before she has a chance to meet the father of her child. The robot fails; the future is secure. Terminator 2, easily one of the best sequels in cinematic history, took the point one step further, with a toughened-up Sarah Connor trying to stop Armageddon and making this her mantra: "No fate but what we make." That is, the future isn't written in stone; if we can change the course of events. And she succeeds -- temporarily. In Terminator 3, we get another interesting twist. Despite all these attempts to rewrite history, the apocalypse still happens in the end ...

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