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Einstein@Home starts processing Arecibo "Mock" data

21 Jul 2011, 18:53 UTC
Einstein@Home starts processing Arecibo "Mock" data
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We have finished generating the last workunits for the Einstein@Home search of the Parkes Multi-Beam Pulsar Survey (PMPS) data set. This search should wind up in the coming weeks as these final workunits are processed by our volunteers. The Einstein@Home PMPS search has already found five new radio pulsars, and we hope that there are still a few more waiting to be found.

Today we launched the first "Binary Radio Pulsar" (BRP4) workunits, which are searching fresh radio data from the Arecibo Observatory. This data has been obtained at Arecibo using a new wideband back-end spectrometer, named after its creator Jeff Mock. The Arecibo data previously processed on Einstein@Home was acquired using the "WAPP" back-end, which has a 100 MHz bandwidth in 256 channels. The new Mock data which we are starting to process today has a 300 MHz bandwidth in 1024 channels. This will permit deeper and more sensitive Arecibo searches than ever before.

Thank you for contributing to Einstein@Home!

Bruce Allen
Director, Einstein@Home

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