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More colorful moon to shine at dusk on July 15?

15 Jul 2011, 08:01 UTC
More colorful moon to shine at dusk on July 15?
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The moon will look plenty full and colorful as it climbs over the eastern horizon at dusk. It'll actually be past full moon, though it'll be hard to tell.

Photo from lostinfog’s photostream
The moon will look plenty full as it climbs over the east-southeast horizon at evening dusk tonight. It’ll actually be past full moon and a waning gibbous moon, though it’ll be hard to tell. The moon will rise later than it did yesterday, so it might appear more colorful at evening dusk tonight. Watch for it to rise shortly after sunset.
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During the course of one month, the moon swings closest to Earth at perigee and farthest away at apogee. On July 7, when the moon was closest for the month, it was 369,570 kilometers (229,640 miles) away. Later this month, on July 21, the moon will reach its most distant point at 404,355 kilometers (251,255 miles). On the average, the moon resides at 384,403 kilometers (238,857 miles).
Buck Moon presents average-size full moon on night of July 14
In much the same way, the Earth comes closest to the sun for the year in early January (perihelion) and recedes ...

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