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Shaggy rugs and their features

27 Jun 2011, 06:21 UTC
Shaggy rugs and their features
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A rug is a hand-made materials used for the floor coverings. They are generally light in weight and come in variety of color and sizes. They are used as carpet on the floor and sometimes as blanket on the bed. Children love colorful rugs as they are designed by drawing cartoons characters on it. They are absolutely pleasant and soothing to watch and add beauty to the interior design plans.
Shaggy rugs are one of the most liked rugs. They are admired by everyone. They are made from heavy fabrics that are usually thick in nature in the form of a pile. Apart from synthetic fabrics they are also made up of cotton, wool, leather and other natural fibers.
Shaggy rugs are the one that is best suited for the exclusive look of your home. They have a variety of colors. You are sure to get admire once you have used it. It does not matter which style you choose to decorate, the best comes out from it automatically.
Shaggy rugs can easily lasts for a longer period of time if handle with care. Cleaning of rugs is not a tough task. It can be easily done with a little ...

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