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A GLXP Adventure in Microgravity

21 Jun 2011, 17:50 UTC
A GLXP Adventure in Microgravity
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On an ordinary work day last December, my email client chimes and a message appears with an intriguing subject line: “Zero G”. I blink as I read the note -- are my eyes deceiving me? In front of me, emblazoned in size 14 Calibri font, is a request to fly as a journalist for a NASA microgravity student team. With fingers typing at speeds that likely almost break the sound barrier, I reply, “Of course!” And so the fortuitous story begins of how I recently got to fly on the Zero G aircraft with NASA's Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program (RGEFP) and a group of students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here's a quick teaser video of our adventure:

To begin, I must acknowledge that I'm very fortunate work for an organization that supports such opportunities (and STEM education!): the X PRIZE Foundation graciously allowed me to abandon my desk for a week and work remotely in Houston, TX as I shadowed the University of Wisconsin-Madison microgravity team in April. Our base camp for the week was NASA's Hangar 990 at Ellington Field, where the UW team worked on final preparations of their NASA experiment -- a device designed to ...

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