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This Week’s Rumor

9 Jun 2011, 01:49 UTC
This Week’s Rumor
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A couple months ago CDF made the New York Times by releasing results claiming to see a resonance in the invariant mass spectrum of two jets produced together with a W. Last week they released a new analysis with twice as much data, claiming the signal was still there, now at a statistical significance of nearly 5 sigma.
I recently wrote about this here, explaining the reasons for being skeptical, despite the high statistical significance. One very good reason for being a skeptic is that CDF’s Tommaso Dorigo doesn’t believe this is real, going so far as to put his money where his mouth is, offering a $100 wager to back up his arguments. The crucial question in everyone’s mind has been whether D0, CDF’s competition and sister detector at Fermilab, would see the same thing in its data. If there’s really something there, D0 should see it.
This Friday there will be a Wine and Cheese talk at Fermilab, where the D0 results will be unveiled, and you can watch this as a live video stream here. But, as one might expect, now that the D0 result is ready to be revealed, people do things like leave print ...

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