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MoonBots Fans Ask Some Pretty Good Questions

27 May 2011, 17:35 UTC
MoonBots Fans Ask Some Pretty Good Questions
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We have had a lot of interest from fans about the MoonBots Challenge and we are receiving some very good questions about the competition. We thought we would take some time to address these questions because if one person has the question, we are pretty sure that a few other fans have the exact same question.Does every team participate in both phases of the competition? Or are only the top teams invited to participate in Phase Two? Every team competes in Phase One of the Challenge. From there, 20 Teams will be selected to compete in Phase Two of the Challenge.What exactly is required in Phase One of the Challenge? The first thing that is required is for Teams to register on the MoonBots website: http://www.moonbots.org/. Each Team Member and Team Captain is required to complete and send in a Consent Form. The Team is then required to submit a Lunar Education video and also required to complete a Written Proposal of why their robot should be funded. How do we submit a Written Proposal if we do not know what the Challenge Field looks like yet? In Phase One of the competition, all teams are asked to submit a ...

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