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Russia Courting Mars After 2035?

14 Apr 2011, 19:39 UTC
Russia Courting Mars After 2035?
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Mars lovers, take note! It looks like a former superpower has set their sights upon the crimson world a couple of decades from now, as Russia plans on visiting the red planet within our life time.
Unfortunately for us however, there seems to be a small problem.
Russia will test a next-generation spacecraft, build a new cosmodrome and even consider a manned mission to Mars after 2035, the nation’s space chief said Wednesday. [...]
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev vowed Tuesday that space will remain a key government priority, but skeptics said the nation has done virtually nothing to develop a successor to the 43-year-old Soyuz spaceship. (MSNBC / AP)
NASA currently has plans on visiting the red planet as well, although their timeline is closer towards 2050 (assuming the plan survived “in some form” under Obama’s watch that is).
While Russia’s date of visitation is preferable, unless the nation can reinvent itself within the next decade, our hopes of visiting Mars will have to wait until we conquer the Moon.
Or let the Chinese pioneer the final frontier for us.

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