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Astroengineering – Introduction

17 Mar 2011, 18:57 UTC
Astroengineering – Introduction
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I have decided to explore a range of astro and geo enginering projects in a short series of posts.
Whilst I am stepping outside my comfort zone in relation to the physics invloved it is a topic for which I have a great intrest and I will do my best to set out the information in as clear a way as possible and who knows me might just learn something along the way.
An example of a Dyson Ring - A Halo Array Credit: Bungie, Mircrosoft, Andrew Davis
Following an informational indrodction to the series, I plan to include the following mega-scale projects in my series;

Dyson Spheres, Rings, Swarms and variants
Alderson Disks
Stellar Engines
Jupiter Brains

As well as several smaller and currently more practical projets;

Large Scale Space Stations
Moon Bases
Sapce Elevators
Large Scale Mass Drivers

Along with Terraforming, incuding the adaptation of Alien worlds to serve the needs of life currently present here on Earth, including humans.
Finally I aim to cover a few example s of advanced technology that could be possible in the near future in realtion to astrophysics and space travel

Artifical Gravity
Artifical Intelligences
Large Scale Starships
Von-Newmman Devices
Self-Replicating Artifical ...

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