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What the Heck are Wormholes?

15 Mar 2011, 19:23 UTC
What the Heck are Wormholes? supiri.com
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In my previous post (which you can see here) on the subject I focused on the broad concepts wormholes (also known as Einstein-Rosen bridges), in this post I will focus on the fine details.
I had previously stated that wormhole travel would indeed allow the traveller to travel through the universe at many times the speed of light, apparently breaching the universal speed limit.
I will now discuss the physics behind such ‘objects’ and the limits of their practicality.
An artist's impression of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge Source - supiri.com
A wormhole is in basic terms a ‘rift’ in the fabric of space-time. Such a rift would connect two points in space and time, while the points in theory could be at opposite ends of the universe. As such a traveller using such a tunnel could cross large expanses in the universe in a small finite time.
This would allow the user to cross vast regions of space in a time that would indicate an apparent speed much greater than the speed of light. The speed limit has not been breached however as the wormhole has simply created a shortcut through space-time. This means that whilst a vast distance has been ...

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