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30 Apr 2013, 09:26 UTC The National Space Biomedical Research Institute, NASA Select 23 Proposals HOUSTON, Texas — NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) of Houston will fund 23 proposals to help investigate questions about astronaut health and performance on future deep space exploration missions. The selected proposals are from 18 institutions in 14 states and will receive about $17 million during a one- to three-year period. HRP and NSBRI research provides knowledge and technologies to improve human health and performance during space exploration and develops possible countermeasures for problems experienced during space travel. The organizations’ goals are to help astronauts complete their challenging missions successfully and preserve astronauts’ health throughout their lives. The 23 projects were selected from 100 proposals received in response to the research announcement “Research and Technology Development to Support Crew Health and Performance in Space Exploration Missions.” Scientific and technical experts from academia and government reviewed the proposals. NASA will manage 14 of the projects. NSBRI will manage nine. HRP quantifies crew health and performance risks during spaceflight and develops strategies that mission planners and system developers can use to monitor and mitigate the risks. These studies often lead to advancements in understanding ...

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