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http://blog.sdss.org/?p=2153: Sharing One Sky: An APOGEE, SDSS and Astronomy Outreach Meeting
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Direct link Sharing One Sky: An APOGEE, SDSS and Astronomy Outreach Meeting

27 May 2016, 15:43 UTC This week a number of SDSS-IV and especially APOGEE-2 members have been visiting the Chilean Participation group of SDSS-IV. The workshop “Sharing One Sky”, hosted by the University of Valpariso, in Vina del Mar, Chile, provided the opportunity for APOGEE/SDSS-IV education and public outreach enthusiasts to share ideas and learn from the Chilean astronomical community about how to communicate SDSS and APOGEE science in Chile and around the world. The bi-lingual Spanish-English programme was as follows: First session: Introduction to the SDSS/APOGEE Survey and Outreach Efforts Chairman: Ed Murphy An Introduction to APOGEE, Steven Majewski Education and Public Outreach with the SDSS, Karen Masters Dual-­‐‑Language Outreach Efforts for the APOGEE-­2 Survey, David Whelan SDSS Plate Distribution, Nicholas MacDonald Second session: Internet-Focused Outreach Chairman: David Whelan Bling Bling Universe: Sharing the SDSS with Chilean Students, Nestor Espinoza Finding our Place in the Mass Media: A View from the Star Tres Initiative, Javiera Rey Startres.net, the Evolution of a Blog in the Social Media, Karina Rojas Citizen Science in Astronomy with the Zooniverse, Karen Masters Explora: Programa Nacional de Divulgación y Valoración de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, Maria Escobar Outreach and Education Efforts by UNAM in Mexico, Mariana Cano Astronomy outreach ...

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